Ground granulated blast-furnace slag for cemented mine backfill: production and evaluation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 929, 1989

E. Douglas and V.M. Malhotra, Concrete Technology Section, Mineral Sciences Laboratories, CANMET — EMR Canada

This report presents the results of a laboratory study undertaken to evaluate ground granulated blast-furnace slag from Algoma Steel Corporation, as a replacement for Portland cement in cemented mine backfill. The evaluation was based on the results of compressive strength tests performed on cylinders cast from mixtures made with a granulated blast-furnace slag and tailings from four different mines in the Sudbury basin. Various percentages of slags and various binder to tailings ratios were used. Tests results show that, in terms of compressive strength, the slag performs as well or better than Portland cement as the binding agent in cemented mine backfill. Lime was found to be a potentially good activator for ground granulated slag in mine backfill applications. A field test was conducted at one of the mines, consisting of placing a mixture of 95.5% ground granulated slag and 0.5% lime into a slope, and inspecting the floor slab as it hardened. The slag performed as expected, considering the backfill mixture proportions used and the preparation of the test site.
Keywords: Cemented mine-backfill, Ground granulated blast-furnace slag, Compressive strength, Lime.