Ground geophysical surveys over the McClean uranium deposits, northern Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 886, 1986

F.L JAGODITS and J.E. BETZ, Consultants, B.R. KRAUSE, Inco Limited, N. SARACOGLU, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd., R.H. WALLIS Billiton Canada Ltd.

Geophysical test surveys were conducted with various methods (EM, IP, gravity and magnetic) over the McClean uranium deposits of the CanadianOxy-Inco Joint Venture. The results were assessed to judge the contribution each method might make toward further discoveries of graphite-associated uranium occurrences. The best drill targets have proven to be discontinuities in graphitic conductors and locations where the latter are intersected by fracture zones in the Athabasca. The tests demonstrated that the preferred combination of geophysical surveys is horizontal loop EM to locate graphitic conductors in the basement and VLF-EM to locate the fractures.
Keywords: Mineral exploration, Drilling, Geophysical surveys, McClean deposits, Uranium, Athabasca Group, Electromagnetic surveys, Gravity surveys, Economic geology