Grinding mills—installation and maintenance

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 882, 1985

J. GEORGE GREGR, Sales and Service Manager, Mining Industry — Western Region, Dominion Engineering Works, Vancouver, British Columbia

This paper gives a brief review of grinding mills installation procedures with special emphasis on future maintenance. The importance of cooperation between the customer, construction contractor and manufacturer's representative is discussed, as well as the importance of complying with standards, specifications and the keeping comprehensive installation records. Fundamentals of mill maintenance are explained with the aim being to maximize the equipment availability and to minimize unscheduled downtime. The paper also includes development of wear items design, based on operating conditions, drive components and bearings, and how to keep large gears healthy thus eliminating surprise failures. Experience with installation of a large gear on a 34-foot diameter mill in Lornex and successful application of a computer program for the gear alignment on the mill are given.
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Grinding mills, Mill maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Grinding mill gears, Grinding mill installation.