Gravity Measurements over the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia

CIM Bulletin, 1955


ALTHOUGH the presence of rock salt in the Carboniferous basin of northern Nova Scotia has been known for at least one hundred and twenty years, and salt has been mined at Malagash continuously sin ce 1919, certain characteristics of the deposits make exploration by drilling or surface examination difficult. The surface rocks of the basin are, in general, of Pennsylvanian age, while the salt occurs in the Mississippian vVindsor group. The latter rocks are brought to the surface only along anticlinal folds, or as irregular fault blocks. Because of the limited areal extent of these Windsor exposures, and their complicated internai structure, geophysical surveys, especially gravimetrie, can be of considerable aid in outlining the more favourable areas.
Keywords: anticline, Malagash Salt, torsion balance, Windsor, Fault, Faults, formation, Gravity, Rock, Rocks, Salt, Salts, Survey, Surveys