Gold Deposition Temperature-Pressure Gradients in the Ontario-Quebec Mining Region

CIM Bulletin, 1951


Gold-bearing quartz veins in the northeastern Ontario and north western Quebec mining camps are shown to have been mineralized in part by epithermal solutions. The vertical gradient of pressure during this stage of mineralization is calculated, using decrepitation temperatures of quartz and thermoelectric potentials of pyrite. The base of the Cobalt sediments, which lie unconformably over part of the mining region, may be taken as datum level in calculating the depth of erosion into the basement below that level. The vertical extent of the epithermal gold mineralizaiton in this region is at !east 9,000 feet below the datum level.
Keywords: Data, Deposition, Mine, Mines, mining, Pressure, pressure gradient, pyrite, quartz, temperature, University of Toronto, quartz, Temperature