Geothermal studies in the Plains region of Western Canada

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 810, 1979

H.A. GORRELL, Sproule Associates Limited, Calgary, Alberta

Preliminary studies of the potential for the production of warm water (up to perhaps 150 °C) have been carried out in the Plains region of Western Canada. Production might be from depths as great as about 5 km. Natural waters in this temperature range are currently being used for space heating in other parts of the world. The geography and stratigraphy of the Prairie Provinces are reviewed in terms of their apparent potential for warm-water production. Temperature, salinity and other data provided by wells drilled by the oil and gas industry are reviewed and problem areas are outlined.
Keywords: Energy resources, Geothermal energy, Plains region, Heating, Western Canada Basin, Temperature measurements, Weyburn area, Calgary area, Fort Nelson area, Water flows, Salinity.