Geothermal Research in Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1964

.Alan M. Jessop Seismology Division, Dominion Observatory, Dept. of Mines & Technical Surveys, Ottawa, Ontario.

A small group has been set up at the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, to make a survey of terrestrial heat flow throughout Canada. Terrestrial heat flow is the heat rising from the interior of the earth and escaping at the surface, and is calculated from a knowledge of underground temperature distribution and the thermal conductivity of rocks. A small number of diamond drill holes are being sunk for the purpose of measuring temperatures below the surface, but the program is inadequate for a thorough survey. Mines and holes drilled for other purposes are being sought by the Dominion Observatory group to supplement their own drilling program
Keywords: borehole, Brent, Ontario, Dominion Observatory, geothermal, heat flow, Boreholes, flow, Geothermal, Heat, Mine, Mines, Rock, Rocks, Surveys