Geomathematical Prediction of Sulphur in Coal, New Lingan Mine Area, Sydney Coalfield

CIM Bulletin, 1973

F. P. AGTERBERG, Head, Geomathematics Section, C. F. CHUNG, Mathematician, Geological Survey of Canada, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ontario

Prediction of a variable sulphur content in Cape Breton seams is important for planning the production of a highgrade metallurgical coal. Two extrapolation methods (Kriging and a version of Universal Kriging) to predict sulphur content in blocks of coal before mining are presented and applied to the New Lingan Mine reserves in the Harbour seam. The uncertainty of the predicted values is expressed by using standard deviations. Some statistical results for the Phalen seam, which occurs about 400 ft below the Harbour seam, are presented for comparison. The two mathematical models consist of two sets of equations which have been used in computer algorithms. Some limitations of the present approach and possibilities for further statistical work are indicated.
Keywords: Coal, Data, DEVCO Coal Division, Geological Survey of Canada, Kriging, pyrite, sulphur, Harbour Seam, Kriging, Model, Models, sulphur, Sulphur content, Trends, Value