Geology of the Wabana Deposit... with comments on Exploration and Development Problems Peculiar to a Submarine Deposit

CIM Bulletin, 1966

W. K. Coughlan Planning Production Engineer, Dosco Industries Ltd., Wabona Mine, Wabana, Nfld.

The Wabana deposit of Dosco Industries Limited is situated on the east coast of Newfoundland, at Bell Island in Conception Bay. It is a Clinton-type iron-formation of Lower Ordovician age. Five separate beds have been recognized, with others noted locally. Economic production has been obtained from the Lower, Middle and Upper beds, which are second, third and fifth in sequence, although at present only the Lower Bed is worked. The potential area of occurrence is about 70 square miles. It is bounded by major faults to the north, east and west and truncated by erosion at the south, where rocks of the deposit crop out on the north side of the island. The iron is contained in oolitic hematite and chamosite, with minor siderite. As the deposit is submarine, conventional exploration methods are not applicable and much interpretation and projection from mined areas is necessary to guide exploration and development. With the interpretation of information from existing mined ores, it is possible, using a minimum of diamond drilling in advance of working faces, to maintain adequate ore reserves.
Keywords: Dykes, Fault, Faults, hematite, Iron Range, lamprophyre, sedimentary, Wabana, Iron, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores