Geology of the Moose Mountain Mine and its Application to Mining and Milling

CIM Bulletin, 1966

G. D. Markland Geologist, Lowphos Ore, Limited, Moose Mountain Mine, Capreol, Ont.

The Moose Mountain mine is located in a belt of Precambrian volcanic rocks situated 20 miles north of Sudbury, Ontario. It was the first iron mining operation in the Archean iron-formations of the Canadian Shield. The ore is believed to have been formed in an environment of active volcanism, being part of a pyroclastic and volcanic series where only the iron-formation and chert qualify as chemical sediments. The volcanic environment, subsequent regional tectonics and metamorphism produced orebodies which differ from the main sedimentary iron ranges of the world in such features as continuity, grade, structure and metallurgical characteristics. The orebodies occur as relatively small lenses which have been complexly folded, faulted and intruded by acidic and basic dykes.
Keywords: amphibole, iron, magnetite, Moose Mountain Ores, tuff, Fines, Iron, Magnetite, Mine, Mines, mining, Ore, Ores