Geology of the Churchill Copper Deposit

CIM Bulletin, 1971

J. M. CARR, Chief Geologist, Brameda Resources Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

The history, geological setting and local g.eology of the Magnum vein system, 100 miles west of Fort Nelson in northeastern British Columbia, are described. The system comprises a number of quartz-ankerite veins, mineralized with chalcopyrite and lesser pyrite, occurring in a steep northeastly zone of deformation and subsequent dike intrusion within otherwise littledeformed Precambrian sedimentary rocks. In April of 1970, Churchill Copper Corporation began producing copper concentrates in a 750-tpd mill fed from the Magnum mine.
Keywords: ankerite, chalcopyrite, dikes, Precambrian, quartz, copper, Mine, Mines, Precambrian, Rock, Rocks, Vein systems, Veins