Geology of the Buchans Orebodies

CIM Bulletin, 1962

THE Buchans orebodies are located in central Newfoundland, three miles north of Red Indian lake. The townsite of Buchans was named after a Royal Navy Captain who, while attempting to make contact with the Beothuck Indians, camped in the area in 1820. Ore was first found at Buchans by a Mic Mac Indian, Matty Mitchell, who discovered one of the three small orebodies in the bed of the Buchans river. The Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company, which holds mineral rights in the area, developed the orebody, but was forced to give up the venture because of difficulties encountered in separating the various sulphides
Keywords: Breccia Zone, Buchans, dacite, pyrite, rhyolite, Breccias, formation, Ore, Orebodies, Ores, Rock, Rocks, sulphide, Sulphides