Geology of the Asbestos Belt in Southeastern Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1962

OnE OF the major sources of the world's supply of asbestos lies in a belt of ultrabasic rocks stretching through the Eastern Townships of Quebec where chrysotile asbestos has been mined continuously since 1878. The productive portion of the belt extends from the town of Asbestos in Shipton township northeastward some 60 miles to the eas tern edge of Broughton township. (See map). Twelve mines, currently treating an aggregate of over 60,000 tons of rock daily, produce more than one million tons of asbestos annually. An equal number of mines are now dormant, having for the most part ex hausted their reserves. It is eviden t from the past and present activity in this belt that it can look forward to at leas t half a century or more of large scale production
Keywords: Asbestos, asbestos, dunite, peridotite, pyroxenite, ultrabasic, Dunite, geology, Mine, Mines, Quebec, Rock, Rocks