Geology of Allard Lake Ilmenite Deposits

CIM Bulletin, 1949

The Allard Lake ilmenite deposits, which are currently being developed on a large scale, occur as .a series of dykes or lenticular, flatlying bodies within the northeastern part of a large, oval shaped anorthosite mass of Precambrian age which lies with its long axis paralleling the gulf of St. Lawrence. The Lac Tio deposit, discovered by Explorations, Limited, in 1946, is the largest body of titanium ore of its type now known in the world . It contains upwards of 112,000,000 short tons of ilrnenite ore averaging 32 per cent TiO2, and 36 per cent Fe. The ore is an aggregate of ilmenite with oriented microscopic blades of hematite . The deposits appear to be high temperature, late magmatic injections containing only a small amount of volatiles, and bear a genetic relationship to the anorthosite rocks in which they occur.
Keywords: Anorthosite, anorthosite, gabbro, ilmenite, Main orebody, Quebec, Deposits, Ilmenite, Ore, Orebody, Ores, Rock, Rocks