Geology and physical characteristics of wollastonite in Grenville supergroup marbles, Quebec

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 85, No. 957, 1992

Antoine Fournier, Department of Geological Sciences, McGill University, and Karen St. Seymour, Department of Geology, Concordia University

Responding to market developments, interest in locating deposits of wollastonite has grown significantly. The many occurrences in the Grenville marbles of Quebec can be grouped into disseminated-type and discordant vein-type deposits. Disseminated-type wollastonite occurrences have the disadvantages of lower grade, the need for more elaborate mineral separation, and failure to meet "long grain" technical specifications. Vein-type deposits have better grades and technical characteristics; exploration should befocussed on these and in the contact-metamorphic aureoles of fluid-rich intrusions.
Keywords: Exploration, Geology, Wollastonite, Grenville marbles, Marbles, Industrial minerals.