CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 792, 1978

Fred G. Hewett, Mine Geologist, Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Limited, Cassiar, B.C.

The Cassiar orebody is located in a sill-like serpentinite body intrusive into the Devonian-Mississippian sedimentary rocks of northern British Columbia. Subsequent intrusion of the Cassiar batholith formed the McDame synclinorium and produced chrysotile asbestos. Present information indicates an orebody of approximately 16,277,000 tons amenable to open-pit mining, but continued diamond drilling will be needed to accurately define total tonnage and grade. A program has been developed at the mine to provide the required information on a daily basis, and work is continuing on more effective dollar-value prediction methods.
Keywords: Cassiar Mine, Geology, Mine geology, McDame synclinorium, Sylvester Group, Structural geology, Drilling, Adit exploration, Grade control, Reserve estimation, Computers.