Geological engineering aspects of the conceptual design of a radioactive waste vault in hard crystalline rock

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 819, 1980

A.S. BURGESS, R.G. CHARLWOOD, P.O. SANDSTROM and M.A. MAHTAB, Acres Consulting Services Limited, Niagara Falls, Ontario, J.L. RATIGAN, RE/SPEC Incorporated, Rapid City, South Dakota

Addressing a current operating and environmental concern, this paper first presents an overview of the design program for an underground radioactive waste storage vault. It then reviews the construction, operational and thermal-mechanical aspects of such a project. The relevant experience from major underground construction projects is reviewed, and the paper concludes with brief comments on the design-oriented research and development requirements.
Keywords: Waste disposal, Radioactive waste, Environmental control, Underground storage, Vault design, Rock mechanics.