Geochemical methods for the discovery of blind mineral deposits

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 845, 1982

R.W. BOYLE, Geological Survey of Canada Ottawa

Part 1 of this paper, published in the August issue, covered lithochemical surveys based on major, minor and trace elements in whole-rock samples from primary enveloping halos.Part 2, which follows, continues with discussions of surveys based on leakage halos, zonation of elements, stable and radioactive isotopic distributions, and geothermometric, geobarometric, thermoluminiscent, pedochemical, hydrochemical, atmochemical and biogeochemical methods. It concludes with a selected bibliography.
Keywords: Exploration, Geochemical exploration, Mineral deposits, Blind mineral deposits, Metallogenic provinces, Lithochemical methods, Enveloping halos, Leakage halos, Carbonatites, Pegmatites, Skarn, Hornfels, Vein deposits, Massive sulphides, Carbonate-hosted deposits, Porphyry deposits.