Geochemical Interpretation of Multi-Element Stream Sediment Data From New Brunswick

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 788, 1977

R. P. Chapman, Geostatistician, Exploration Department, Shell Canada Resources Limited, Calgary, Alberta

The geochemical interpretation of results of statistical analysis of published multi-element stream sediment data from southwest and northern New Brunswick is presented. Element concentrations in southwest New Brunswick are low and comparable to element concentrations in background areas in northern New Brunswick. Deposits of copper and nickel are indicated in southwest New Brunswick. Anomalous element concentrations occur in several areas in northern New Brunswick and the elements most commonly associated with these anomalies are Cu, Pb, Zn, As and Ag; and also Mo, W and Sb. Bedrock geology greatly influences element concentrations and may cause false anomalies. Manganese has a pronounced effect on the dispersion patterns of Co and also Zn, Mo, Pb, As, Ba and Ni. Nickel and Cr are strongly sympathetically related and this association is independent of bedrock type.
Keywords: Exploration, Geochemical exploration, Stream sediments, New Brunswick, Drainage basins, Rocky Brook area, Copper, Zinc, Manganese.