CIM Bulletin, 1971

C. F. GLEESON, (Session Co-Chairman), Consulting Geochemist, Ottawa, Ontario

I HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED the pleasant task of adding a last word in way of summary to this session. I think that the trend set in having a geochemical session at the CIM Annual General Meeting is a good one and I hope it will continue so that members of the mining fraternity can get together on a regular basis and discuss geochemical problems peculiar to our Canadian scene. A series of interesting papers have been presented on what has been considered by many in the past as not only a problem area for geochemistry but even an impossible one. The papers should help dispel some of these fears. Lack of development of geochemical techniques in the Shield has been due to a variety of factors, many of which have been mentioned. However, I feel that one of the main reasons for this lack of development has been timidness on behalf of many people to get out and do the necessary work which helps produce answers to many of the questions asked.
Keywords: Applications, Canadian Shield, Canadian Shield, esker, geochemistry, Ottawa, Ontario, sampling, Development, Developments, Geochemical exploration, geochemistry, Sampling