Geochemical and geophysical gold exploration in the Timmins area, Ontario: a case history

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 898, 1987

G.A. HARRON, Esso Minerals Canada, Toronto, Ontario, R.S. MIDDLETON and R.B. DURHAM, Robert S. Middleton Exploration Services Inc., Timmins, Ontario, and A. PHILIPP, Canamax Resources Inc. Timmins, Ontario

Basal till sampling techniques were used to search for gold mineralization in the Timmins, Ontario area. During 1978 and 1979, approximately 90 overburden sampling drill holes were completed in Murphy and Hoyle Townships to test specific geophysically defined target areas. A conventional tricone dual tube drill system, and a unique retractable tricone/rock coring system were used to various advantages. First pass till sampling at 800 to 1200 ft intervals perpendicular to ice transport direction yielded anomalous gold values in till and carbonatized quartz pyrite-rich bedrock chips, and lateritic soil. Subsequent induced polarization-resistivity surveys defined the areal extent of apyritic carbonate alteration zone. A second pass till sampling/limited rock coring program evaluated the gold mineralization potential of the alteration zone. Diamond drilling has substantiated the till and bedrock gold anomalies. Further evaluation of this mineralization is currently in progress.
Keywords: Mineral exploration, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Gold exploration, Till, Mineralization, Surveys, Drilling.