Genetic Aspects of Michipicoten Iron Formations

CIM Bulletin, 1961

THE Michipicoten area, one of numerous iron-bearing "Archean" segments in the Shield, contains two main types of iron formation, a normal Keewatin-type, consisting of interbanded chert, siliceous magnetite and jasper, and, gradational to this, a carbonate-sulph ide type which contains large deposits of siderite and pyrite. The carbonate-sulphide type of iron formation bears a direct and intimate relationship to the volcanic development of the area; it thereby affords some insight into genetic problems of Archean iron formation in general. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the geological setting of Michipicoten iron formations and to briefly review genetic aspects of recent work in the area
Keywords: breccia, chert, pyrite, rhyolite, siderite, carbonates, Iron formation, Michipicoten, Ore, Ores, pyrite, Volcanic, Volcanics