Genetic Aspects & Classification of Important Canadian Uranium Deposits

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 800, 1978

R. H. McMillan, Senior Geologist, Western Mines Limited, Toronto, Ontario

A classification of important uranium deposits which utilizes both genetic and descriptive criteria is presented. The dual aspect is useful because, while the non-genetic nomenclature for the different deposit types is amenable to various interpretations, the critical characteristics of each deposit type can be analyzed to clarify various genetic points. Although the classification is intended primarily for Canadian uranium deposits, most of the important deposit types known elsewhere can be accommodated.
Keywords: Uranium deposits, Igneous deposits, Metamorphic deposits, Detrital deposits, Hydrogenic deposits, Beaverlodge area, Rexspar deposits, Wollaston district, Key Lake district, Athabasca Sandstone, Elliot Lake deposits, Tyee deposit, Blizzard prospect, Ace-Fay-Verna deposits, Rabbit Lake deposit.