Gasification and Chemical Utilization

CIM Bulletin, 1952


CARBONIZATION, gasification, and chemical utilization of coal a re interre1ated topics, which makes it difficult to review one without indicating its connection with the others. Hence, in Progress in Goal Technology, Series No. 5: Carbonization, reference was made to gaseous products recovered in the carbonization of coal, and .to a number of chemicals made from the tars, light oils, and ammoniacal liquors which are by-products of coal carbonization. ln this, the sixth paper in the review series, prime consideration will he given to the complete gasification 8{ coal to give a fuel for domestic ., or power purposes and a synthesis gas suitable for the manufacture of gasoline, Diesel oil, and chemicals. The hydrogenation of coal, an alternative source of ~liquid fuels and of a chemicals, will be reviewed, will be a number of processes for the recovery of chemical products from coal by extraction and chemical treatment. The reader is referred to Lowry's Chemistry of Goal Utilisation ( 1), and Foster and Lund's Economies of Fuel Gas from Goal (2) .as being two recent comprehensive books on gasification and chemical .utilization of coal, and also to Synthetic Fuel Abstract, a bi-monthly publication of the United States Department of the interior (3), which includes up to- date information -on all of the topics included in this review.
Keywords: Chemicals, Coal, coal, gasification, hydrogenation, synthesis gas, U.S. Bureau of Mines, Fuel, Fuels, Gasification, Oxygen, Process, Processes, Production, Synthesis