Gas-Oil Ratio Response of Water Floods in which Injection Equals Withdrawals

CIM Bulletin, 1960


When water floods are initiated after gas-oil ratios have increased, the transition period from the start of injection until" the gas-oil ratios are returned to the solution gas-oil ratio may be important for either economic or technical reasons. The transition period is longest, and consequently most critical in water floods where injection is equal to withdrawals. This paper describes a theoretical basis for predicting the behavior of such a system and outlines a procedure for making the necessary calculations. The calculation procedure is illustrated for two actual cases: a line drive water flood and a five spot water flood. In each case there is a reasonable similarity between the actual and calculated performance.
Keywords: bbl, connate water, oil, reservoir, water saturation, Calculations, Displacement, flow, Oil, Oils, Pressure, STEPS, Water, Waters, Wells