Gas-Fired Boilers at Dome Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1962

DOME MINES, Limited, is a gold producer situated in the Porcupine area of Ontario, 500 miles north of Toronto. During the year 1960, '714,600 tons of ore were milled, yielding gold bullion valued at $6,025,370. Prior to conversion to natural gas, an average of 3,200 tons of coal was consumed annually, one third of which was obtained from Canadian sources with tl1e remainder coming from the United States. Due to the distances involved, the freight charges increased the pithead cost by as much as 180 per cent. Steam is generated at a central boiler plant and used for timber treatment, plant heating and process steam. Until August, 1960, steam was supplied during the winter months by two water tube coal-fired boilers, each rated at 200 boiler horsepower at l 00 per cent output. Steam requirement was as high as 150 per cent of boiler rating in the colder periods. The summer load was supplied by a 150-horsepower boiler.
Keywords: Boilers, Coal, coal, fire-tube boiler, horsepower, Northern Ontario Natural Gas, Cost, Costs, Dome Mine, Natural gas, Ontario, Pressure, Steam