Gamma-ray spectral logging for uranium

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 813, 1980

J.G. CONAWAY and P.G. KILLEEN, Radiation Methods Section, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Gamma-ray spectral logging, a useful technique for uranium exploration and evaluation, has generally been underutilized by the Canadian mining industry. Provided that the technique is properly applied, it is capable of yielding reliable quantitative information regarding the distribution of uranium and other radioelements along the borehole under most conditions.In practice, there are numerous factors which potentially can degrade the quality of the log and thus any quantitative interpretation based on it. Fortunately, the appropriate choice of logging equipment and technique can avoid many such problems, and corrections can be applied to the data to compensate for most of the others.
Keywords: Exploration, Gamma-ray logging, Total-count logging, Spectral logging, Uranium exploration, Radioactive disequilibrium, Borehole logging.