Gains in Mucking Efficiency by using Short Interval Control at Hudbay 777 Mine


Ken Schroeder, Epiroc; Asim Khan, AnalyzeandImprove; Mike Jankowski, Hudbay Minerals

Jankowski, M. Hudbay Minerals Inc. Toronto, ON Canada Khan, A. Analyze and Improve Inc. Toronto, ON Canada Schroeder, K. Epiroc Mississauga, ON Canada ABSTRACT In this paper, we detail the approach, methodology and implementation (including design and execution) of a Short Interval Control (SIC) pilot at Hudbay’s 777 mine, whose aim is to improve mucking efficiency. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence (MMI) was deployed as the data backbone – which fed into a control and response plan to ensure deviation to mucking related targets was addressed within shift. An approach to identify Value Added, Non Value Added, and Waste activities as utilized in baselining the performance pre and post SIC implementation is presented. We also outline components of SIC process, development of response and control to avail opportunities, and the standard work that was established through this pilot. Examples of efficiency gains in mucking process are also detailed.
Keywords: Short interval Control, Value Based Improvement, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence, Mucking, Stability, Hudbay 777, Underground Mine, Response and Control