Front-End Loaders in Mining

CIM Bulletin, 1972

J. A. RESSINGER, General Supervisor, Pay loaders - Pay dozers, International Harvester Company, Melrose Park, Illinois, U.S.A.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss some of the differences between various methods of excavating and loading as they relate to mining operations. The intent is not to pr,0vide "pat" answers, but instead to raise some questions and set forth some reasonable guidelines. Specifically, the paper deals with the differences and relative merits of power shovels versus rubber-tired front-end loaders - or, carrying t his further, comparing what could be called "stationary" loading or excavating devices to "mobile" types.
Keywords: Cost, Costs, Design, front-end loader, Melrose Park, Illinois, power shovel, wheel loader, Load, Loading, shovel, Shovels, Tires, Truck, Trucks