Fractionation of Coking Coals by Spherical Agglomeration Methods

CIM Bulletin, 1968

F. W. MEADUS, G. PAILLARD, A. F. SIRIANNI and I. E. PUDDINGTON National Research Council, Division of Applied Chemistry, Ottawa, Ont.

Experiments with some selected Nova Scotia coals and a single sample of American anthracite, reconstituted in granular form with lower sulphur and ash contents by spherical agglomeration methods, are described. The effect of different bridging liquids, grinding times, gangue depressents and modes of agitation on the final product are discussed. The application of agglomeration techniques as a means of drying wet coal fines is also noted.
Keywords: Agglomeration, Ash, C. Agglomeration, Coal in Coal, colloid, pyrite, sulphur, Canada, Coal, Grinding, pH, pyrite, Research, sulphur