Forum on Rod and Ball Mill Liners

CIM Bulletin, 1959


NORMAN WEISS, Milling Engineer, American Smelting and Refining Company: The subject of the Forum on Rod and Ball Mill Liners is very fascinating, and there is no end of discussion when operators get together on grinding. However, the hypotheses and suppositions easily outrun the facts, especially when we consider the inaccuracy of many reported observations. Still surprisingly small is the number of concentrators even reasonably well equipped to measure power consumption of 0each grinding mill, together with running time, so that data on this tangible factor, at least, can be obtained with precision. While the more elaborate devices of this nature, producing for each 24- hour period the total power consumption, average kilowatt hours per hour, short-term demand chart, instantaneous demand, and printout, may cost in the neighbourhood of $2,500 per mill and may be difficult to justify, the combination of an ammeter, watthour meter, and running-time meter will cost only a few hundred dollars, so there appears to be little reason not to install them in view of their numerous advantages.
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