Fluorspar - Flux to Fluorocarbon

CIM Bulletin, 1962

. Fluorspar, in addition to its familiar uses as a metallurgical flux and as a source of the electrolyte for aluminum production, has become important as an essential raw material in the rapidly growing fluorine chemical industry. The unique ability of fluorine to react and form compounds with almost all other chemicals has made it one of the important elements in modern chemistry. Research and development over the past thirty years have resulted in a current annual production of fluorine chemicals that is both technically and economically important to industry. Because many of these chemicals and products are relatively new, and most have properties that are not duplicated by other materials, their present uses are expanding rapidly and new applications are being reported continually. Fluorspar, the only immediate and practical source of fluorine, is therefore an important mineral. This fact has been recognized in major industrial areas such as the United States and Western Europe, but has received little attention in Canada. It is the purpose of this paper to outline the industrial applications of fluorine and fluorine chemicals and, in particular, to focus attention on their strong growth trends; to point out the value of fluorspar as the essential raw material; to summarize known Canadian resources; and to -draw attention to the opportunities for the future use of Canadian fluorspar.
Keywords: Acid, CaF 2, fluorine, fluorspar, hydrofluoric acid, United States, Chemicals, Deposits, Fluorspar, Materials, mineral, minerals, Production, United States