Fluidized-bed firing of coal for steam generation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 802, 1979

P.J. ADAMS, Director, Steam Department Foster Wheeler Limited St. Catherines, Ontario

Environmental regulations require means for controlling emissions of SO2, NOX and paniculate when burning coal. The combustion of coal in limestone fluidized beds is one of the most promising techniques for the necessary reduction in emissions. Fluidized-bed firing, furthermore, offers potential economies in capital equipment.The world's largest steam generator applying fluidized-bed techniques was built under the sponsorship of ERDA and installed in Rivesville, West Virginia. This paper describes the design and discusses the start-up and development difficulties which were experienced during the period from initial operation to current readiness for commercial operation.Other developments leading to utility and industrial fluidized-bed steam generating equipment are reviewed. The future potential of this promising technique is discussed.
Keywords: Coal processing, Fluidized beds, Sream, generation, Limestone, Environmental control, Rivesville plant, Georgetown system