Filtration of Copper Smelter Gases at Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company, Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1960

THE copper smelting operation of the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company, Limited, at Flin Flon, Manitoba, generates a gas flow of 350,000 c.f.m. at n.t.p. This gas stream passes to atmosphere through a 20-foot diameter by 250-foot brick stack, carrying with it an appreciable dust burden in the form of metallic oxide fumes. The flow constituents during the period 1952 and 1953 and before gas filtration was included in the treatment scheme are shown in Table I. This paper describes the gas filtration treatment which was installed in 1957, using glass cloth media to recover this dust burden, and discusses the associated problem at its treatment for recovery of zinc and cadmium.
Keywords: baghouse, cadmium, plant, reverberatory furnace, zinc, Dust, Fans, flow, Operation, Oxide, Plants, Stacks, Temperature, zinc