Fifty Years of Petroleum Geology in Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1948


RESEARCH thrives on ideas, and the theoretical considerations of today are either the discarded notions or the proven facts of tomorrow. The progress made in the past fifty years in the acquisition of knowledge of petroleum geology is no less astounding than is the tremendous increase in the production of oil on the North American continent from 61 million barrels in 1897 to 1,917 million barrels in 1947, an increase of 3,300 per cent, with production of natural . gas expanding from less than 400,000 Mcf in 1897 to approximately 4,500,- 000,000 Mcf, or an increase of 11,000 fold in the same period.
Keywords: Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, Oil and Gas, petroleum geology, Upper Cretaceous, Fault, Faults, formation, Oil, Oils, Petroleum, Production, Structure, Water, Waters