Fibrous Dust - Its Measurement and Control

CIM Bulletin, 1970

GYAN S. RAJHANS, Dust Control Specialist, Occupational Health Service, Environmental Health Branch, Ontario Department of Health, Toronto, Ontario

The strategy of fibrous dust sampling is discussed, various sam piing methods are critically reviewed .and their application to coal dust is demonstrated. Fibre counting is described in detail. An attempt is made to explain the basis of determining the threshold limit value of asbestos and other dusts. The paper also discusses such dust control methods as enclosure of the process, effective local exhaust ventilation, segregation, substitution, wet processing and continuous monitoring of the return air for recirculation.
Keywords: Air, Asbestos, Asbestos Mill, asbestosis, coal dust, crocidolite, lung, Dust, Dust control, Filters, Impingers, Konimeters, particles, Precipitators, Sampling