Fair Market Value Of A Mining Property

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 785, 1977

Walter f. Atkins, Executive Vice-President, David S. Robertson & Associates Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Fair market value, in the legal sense, is the price which a prudent and knowledgeable buyer and a prudent and knowledgeable seller, acting without constraint or compulsion, will agree upon to exchange an asset. In the ordinary commercial or engineering usage, the term, may imply simply the market value or a reasonable and equitable price. The engineer evaluator who is called upon to express an opinion about the fair market value of an asset may be able to base his estimate on the sale price of similar assets or on the market values of stock. Frequently such indicators of value are not available and the evaluator must devise other means of appraisal. Mineral resource properties may be thought of as having value by virtue of the existing or potential ability to produce at a profit. Conventional procedures permit the computation of the present value of future revenues having due regard for the time value of money and the risks attendant upon the realization of the venture. Such computations have gained wide acceptance as a basis for the estimation of fair market value.
Keywords: Mineral economics, Economic trends, Mining properties, Market values, Evaluations.