Factors influencing the selection of mine hoist electrical drives

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 86, No. 974, 1993

G.L. Tiley and B.C. Legg, G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario

Many of the ore bodies presently being developed are in remote locations and are, or will be, served by electrical power supply systems of limited capacity.The largest single components of the electrical systems of an underground mine are usually the production hoist drives; the power demands of these drives vary continuously throughout each hoisting cycle. Before 1970 mine hoists were driven by either wound rotor induction motors or DC motors in conjunction with motor-generator sets.Static Power conversion equipment now costs less to purchase and install and is claimed to be more efficient than motor generator sets. On the debit side, however, it can adversely affect the hoist motors, it operates at relatively low power factors, and it produces harmonic currents. This paper discusses the effects of static equipment on both DC motors and AC power systems, and evaluates the relative consumption of the three classes of drives.
Keywords: Equipment, Hoisting systems, Electrical drives.