Facing the future with an engine and its fuel considered as a system

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 843, 1982

K.D. ENG, Senior Mechanical Engineer Beacon Research Laboratories, W.T. TIERNEY, Project Manager, Automotive Engine Developments Texaco Research Center

During the past century, the development of vehicular transportation has benefitted tremendously from the performance improvement in engines in a situation where low-cost, plentiful fuel supplies were the order of the day. Engine advances were enhanced by and also dictated fuel modification to better adapt the energy source to the power plant.In discussing the several aspects of the change in approach from "an engine and its fuel to a fuel and its engine", the authors touch on the following areas: Description of an engine concept that provides the needed flexibility in fuel appetite at good efficiency to cope with future requirements. The constraints placed on liquid fuel resource energy utilization efficiency by special engine-required fuel properties and the fuel efficiency of the various engine types available. Future vehicle engine fuel sources. This review will put into perspective the problem associated with the net energy available from future fuel sources under extensive research and development at present. A brief review of test data to show that fuel-tolerant and fuel-efficient engines are viable and that, in a fuel-resource-limited future, they can be a "light at the end of the tunnel. "
Keywords: Engines, Fuel, Combustion, Texaco Controlled Combustion System, Vehicles, Methanol, Brake performance.