Experimental Electric Smelting of Ores and Related Materials at the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Ottawa

CIM Bulletin, 1957

A three-phase, continuously-operated, 250 kv.a. electric smelting furnace has been installed at the Mines Branch, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Ottawa, for the experimental treatment of ores and by-products of interest to the Canadian mining, metallurgical, and chemical industries. In the operation of this furnace particular emphasis is placed on the accumulation of quantitative data which will be useful in determining the most suitable smelting technique and the nature of the products, and in arriving at preliminary conclusions regarding the cast of power and electrodes. The results obtained in the experimental smelting of iron, manganese-iron, titanium- iron, nickel, and chromiumiron ores, and of a number of industrial by-products, clearly show the value of such treatment for materials of this type.
Keywords: blast furnace, magnetite, pig iron, slag, smelting, Electrodes, Furnaces, Iron, Materials, Ore, Ores, Slag, Slags, smelting