Experimental Electric Smelting of Ilmenite To Produce High-Titania Slag and Pig Iron

CIM Bulletin, 1957


This paper summarizes an investigation in which beneficiated ilmenite ore was smelted in a continuous, three-phase, 250 kv.a., open-top electric furnace. Minus %. inch ore was smelted, using the standard method. Fine ore, in the order of minus 14 mesh, was smelted in the briquetted form by the open bath method, and in the unagglomerated form by the cold dry-top method. The latter was shown to be superior. The data obtained .are discussed at some length. During the investigation, slag averaging 82.5 per cent Ti02 was produced over a period of 87 hours, the maximum being 85 per cent. Such slag should .be particularly attractive for the production of titanium tetrachloride, from which titanium metal is produced. The advantages of using paper-mill bark for producing a furnace charge of low bulk density, as required in cold dry-top smelting, were emphasized.
Keywords: Coke, coke, Continuous Electric Smelting, ilmenite, slag, Sorel, Cokes, Furnaces, metals, Ore, Ores, Slag, Slags, smelting