Examples of Mineral Beneficiation by Colour Sorting

CIM Bulletin, 1965

R. A. Wyman Head, Industrial Minerals Milling Section; F. H. Hartman Senior Scientific Officer, Industrial Minerals Milling Section Mineral Processing Division, Mines Branch, Dept. of Mines & Technical Surveys, Ottawa, Ont.

The Industrial Minerals Milling Section of the Mineral Processing Division has been engaged for the past three years in a study of the separation of minerals, by means of electronic sorting equipment, on the basis of their colour. Considerable knowledge of the subject has been built up. Because the object of this study is application as a means of beneficiation, a number of examples of the separations achieved are presented.
Keywords: Barite, Buff barite .., feldspar, magnesite, Mineral Beneficiation, Partly quartz., Equipment, Feldspars, Materials, mineral, minerals, particles, quartz, Separation