Environmental Deterioration and Evaluation for Dimension Stone

CIM Bulletin, 1972

M. SENGUPTA. Graduate Student, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Columbia University, New York. A. A. de GAST, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mining Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

With rapid deterioration in the urban environment caused by air pollution, the possibility of chemical reaction between dimension stone and the industrial waste gases present in the ambient atmosphere remains. The chemical reaction can cause expensive damage to building stone; it is essential that a stone evaluation for use in construction should assess the possibility of this type of decay. This paper endeavours to develop testing procedures for evaluating stone decay in polluted environments. Such tests can accompany other standard tests used in dimension- stone evaluation.
Keywords: Acid, Atmosphere, Calcium Carbonate .., carbon dioxide, Kingston Sandstone, limestone, sulphur, Chemicals, Decay, limestone, Stone, Sulphate, Sulphates, sulphur, test