Environmental design considerations for belt conveyors

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 845, 1982

H.D. GOODFELLOW and M. BENDER, Hatch Associates Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Belt conveyors, because of their low capital and operating costs and inherent flexibility in handling a wide variety of products, have numerous applications in the mining industry. With the increased emphasis on improving the workplace environment, dust emissions from belt conveyors at transfer and other points have become a significant problem for many applications.The paper reviews belt conveyor dust control technology and compares dust emissions from belt conveyor systems with other possible materials handling systems. Technical information on existing belt conveyor installations which have been designed to minimize or eliminate dust emissions is summarized. The important features of good design as well as the necessary input from operating and maintenance personnel are highlighted. The status of research and development work on dust control on belt conveyor systems on a world-wide basis is discussed. A proposed methodology for field measurements of emission factors from belt conveyor systems is presented. Data collected from such a test program can be used to establish a design basis for new dust-free belt conveyors.
Keywords: Conveyors, Belt conveyors, Environmental control, Dust control, Transfer points, Transportation.