Environmental Control in the Asbestos Industry of Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1971

J. R. M. HUTCHESON, President, Canadian Johns-Manville Company, Limited, General Manager, Asbestos Fibre Division, Asbestos, Quebec

The asbestos mining industry in the Eastern Townships of Quebec has early recognized the undesirable side effects associated with mineral production, such as air pollution, noise and unsightly waste dumps. In order to efficiently achieve the industry's aim of eliminating or minimizing these objectionable features of mining, all of the asbestos producers in Quebec interchange information, knowledge and design dealing with the environmental control measures through the Environmental Committee of the Quebec Asbestos Mining Association. The paper describes what has been done and what is planned for the future in the various problem areas, such as control of dust emitted during the open-pit drilling operation, control of dryer stack emissions, control of the environment in ore, fibre and tailings handling operations, rehabilitation of the countryside covered by waste dumps, and many others.
Keywords: Air, Asbestos, Dust, Filters, Mine, Mines, mining, Quebec