Environmental consequences of the placement of radium-barium sludge in tailings areas

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 839, 1982

P.M. HUCK, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, J.R. BROWN, Energy Research Laboratory, EMR Canada Ottawa, Ontario, G. MULTAMAKI and K.L MURPHY, IEC International Environmental Consultants, Inc., Islington, Ontario

A preliminary evaluation, based on existing data, has been made of the implications of placing radium-barium sludge in tailings areas. The study was restricted to a consideration of possible increases in the quantities of radionuclides escaping to the environment through either groundwater or surf ace water, considering the types of tailings treated and the effluent treatment systems currently operating in Canada.
Keywords: Environmental control, Tailings, Uranium tailings, Radium, Barium, Effluent treatment, Radionuclides.