Energy Requirements • in Size Reduction

CIM Bulletin, 1964

G. E. Agar Manager Minerals Processing Research, International Minerals and Chemical Corp., Old Orchard Road, Skokie, Illinois. and J. H. Brown Research 'Engineer, Applied Research Laboratory, United States Steel Corporation, Monroeville, Pa.

The topic of the relationships between energy and particle size has had two very active periods - the first in the early thirties, when the relative merits of Rittinger's and Kick's pro1>0sals were vigorously debated; the second in the early fifties, when Bond's Third Theory was published. This second stage has produced several contributions that have provided a clearer picture of energy / size correlations in comminution. Derivations of a general relationship have been made from single-fracture experiments and from the rate of comminution, and both methods arrive at an equation of the type E = AK-". The constant A in the equation may be regarded as a grind ability parameter. In some respects, an understanding of the phenomena associated with comminution is still lacking, and research in this field should therefore be expanded.
Keywords: comminution, comminution, distribution coefficient, fracture, rela, Skokie, Illinois, Distribution, energy, Fracture, Fractures, Materials, Reduction, Rock