Energy Optimization in the Mining Sector


Mr Aaron Ling (Senior Consultant, Power & New Energy - Advisian)

One of the current and future challenges for Canadian mining is the introduction of a price on Carbon in Canada. The challenge for mining companies is how to take actions to reduce exposure to the carbon price. Optimizing the energy use and the energy supply in a mine can enable the site to lower energy costs, increase production, and provide a consistent power supply as well as backup power. Advisian have worked with mining companies of all sizes to optimize their energy, through a process that we have standardized. We will present some case studies, as well as some programs in Canada such as the Towards Sustainable Mining Program, and government grants. Our Energy Optimization process includes streamlining the application for government funding, such as the Federal Energy Efficiency for Industry program, offering cost-shared assistance to industrial companies to implement energy management projects, and other provincial programs that provide financial incentives to encourage investment in innovative process changes and equipment retrofits to reduce electricity consumption on the provincial system and to help companies become more competitive by positively impacting their bottom line. This includes funding of up to 50% of costs, up to $10 million is available for each project.