Energy Considerations in Iron Ore Pelletizing

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 774, 1976

Melvin J. Greaves, Vice-President and Technical Director, Iron and Steel Technical Center, S. S. Sephton, Assistant Vice-President and Technical Manager, Iron and Steel Technical Center, and Kirit C. Vyas, Senior Process Engineer, Alternate Fuels Development, Arthur G. McKee & Company, Cleveland, Ohio

Energy requirements for various pelletizing systems are considered from a fuel and power aspect, with the presentation of typical energy heat balance flow sheets. A partial calculation for the firing zone of a straight grate system is shown and a comparison of an actual measured and a theoretical-calculated heat balance for a grate-kiln is presented. The power used for each pelletizing system and future possible energy savings are also reviewed.
Keywords: Iron ore, Energy, Pelletizing, Mineral processing, Fuel, Power, Heat balances, Shaft furnaces, Traveling grates, Grate-Kiln system.