Energy Conservation for the Mining Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1973

E. HOWARD LAMBERT, Consulting Engineer, Thornhill, Ontario

Operating costs of mining plants are increasing due to the increased cost of labour, materials and fuels. Labour and materials costs are factors not readily controlled. However, the use of energy from fuels may be controlled by plant operations. This paper describes the fossil fuels, their expected rate of depletion and their costs. The paper considers methods which may be used to provide an efficient use of energy from fuels. It includes an outline of obtaining energy, as heat, from mine milling operations (air compression) and obtaining the maximum use of energy from fuels used to generate electricity.
Keywords: Btu Fuel, energy conservation, gas turbine, steam turbine, thermodynamic cycle, Cost, Costs, energy, Fuel, Fuels, Heat, Heating, Process, Processes